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//New Destination For Glassman – Where East Meets West

Glassman Turkey 2011, taking place on 22 - 23 November 2011 at the Hilton Istanbul in Turkey, is the meeting point to do business - where East meets West.

The Turkish glass industry is thought to be the third largest in the world and is renowned for its excellent design capabilities and high-quality glass products. The majority of the country’s annual production (around 90%) comes from Türkiye Sise ve Cam Fabrikalari – a group of companies that has 26 manufacturing facilities, as well as 10 marketing and financial companies. There are also a number of medium and small-scale glass manufacturers. The four main glass manufacturers in Turkey are Anadolu Cam, Denizli Cam, Trakya Cam Sanayii and Türkiye Sise ve Cam Fabrikalari.

Glassman Turkey 2011 follows the same format as the previously successfully Glassman events combining a 2 day exhibition and conference. Glassman has served the industry for over 20 years and has become an experienced and respected event organiser. Suppliers can present their products and services and be face-to-face with the most influential decision makers operating within the market in a relaxed, intimate environment.

Istanbul exhibits a dual character of both the East and the West, making it the perfect location for an international glass exhibition. Participate at Glassman Turkey 2011 and give your company the business edge in this highly competitive market.

Book a stand
The exhibition gives companies the ideal opportunity to showcase their latest products and services from the worldwide glass marketplace. Exhibitors can benefit from selling one product and simultaneously launching another, whilst increasing brand visibility, networking with industry clients and prospects and keeping a close eye on what the competition is doing.

Book a stand and find out about available sponsorship opportunities by contacting: Ken Clark, tel: +44 (0)1737 855 117, email: kenclark@quartzltd.co.uk

Admission to the exhibition is FREE OF CHARGE for visitors who are industry related personnel. Meet exhibitors such as Iris, Sorg/EME, FIC, Rondot, Parkinson Spencer Refractories and many more. Registering in advance minimises fuss and avoids the queues on site, which maximises time at the exhibition.

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, surrounded on the north and the south by two different seas, the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. There is no other metropolis in the world that is founded on two continents. The western half of the city lies in Europe while the eastern half is situated in Asia; the Bosphorus Strait flows in between the two areas. Istanbul is a leading port dating back to the age-old trade routes passing through the Bosphorus. Throughout its history and even now, Istanbul has maintained its position as the heart of Turkey’s economy. Today, Istanbul generates 46% of national exports and 40% of the total imports of Turkey.

Istanbul is a vibrant, cosmopolitan and modern city with a wealth of history still evident in the many historic buildings around the metropolis.

About the organiser
Glassman Turkey 2011 is organised by Quartz Business Media who specialise in organising business-to-business events and publish market-leading magazines. With decades of industry experience; launching and managing hundreds of successful trade shows, and publishing magazine titles which have been leaders in their respective industries for over 50 years.

For further information on Glassman Turkey 2011 visit www.glassmanevents.com/turkey

NOTE TO EDITORS – Many of the potential visitors to Glassman Turkey 2011 are readers of your publication or visit your website. We would be grateful if you could include this event in your diary/calendar section and publish any pre-show publicity.

For further information please contact: Annie O'Brien, Marketing Executive
T: +44 (0) 1737 855012 | E: annieobrien@quartzltd.com
Or visit www.glassmanevents.com/turkey

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