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//The brand new tobacco event for India

World Tobacco India 2010 is the latest in a series of exhibitions and conferences offering the international tobacco industry a forum to build relationships and demonstrate their products and services to the Indian and Asian subcontinent tobacco communities.

The first World Tobacco India 2010 takes place at the  Hyderabad International Convention Centre, India on 21 - 22 April 2010 and is supported by the Tobacco Board of India, part of the Ministry of Trade and based in India's leading tobacco growing state, Andhra Pradesh.

India is a large grower and exporter of tobacco. During 2008, overseas tobacco sales from India increased by 61% and net cigarette sales were reported to be increasing by 17.7% year-on-year. India's success as a tobacco grower and exporter is partly fuelled by the collapse of other grower economies, such as Zimbabwe.

Running alongside the exhibition is a World Leaf Conference entitled: The Future Supply of Leaf Tobacco. The Conference will be devoted entirely to the matters of the global leaf tobacco market, involving all international stake holders such as tobacco manufacturers, leaf traders and merchants, governmental bodies and organisations representing the growers.

Speaking companies include:

  • Japan Tobacco International
  • BAT
  • Imperial Tobacco
  • Alliance One
  • ILTD
  • Tobacco Board of India
  • Godfrey Phillips India
  • Burley Stabilzation Corporation

Topics include:

  • The future supply of Flue-Cured
  • Oriental and Burley
  • The future supply of tobacco from leaf growing continents such as South and North America, Europe, China and India

For more information please visit www.worldtobacco.co.uk

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