Quartz Business Media


Quartz offers a vibrant community for ambitious and passionate individuals to step into a working environment where their actions truly matter. 

Our core values - trust, integrity, passion and teamwork – are the driving force behind everything we do, together with a relentless “can-do” attitude, an unwavering determination to succeed, and an unyielding focus on prioritising our customer’s needs.  

Our business model thrives on an entrepreneurial approach, fostering an exciting and fast-paced environment where all ideas are welcome. 

Quartz is the perfect place for those hoping to express themselves away from a traditional corporate environment and cultivate their careers in a positively charged and supportive atmosphere. 


We asked our team what they enjoy the most about working at Quartz...

“The longevity of team members highlights that this is a company that supports and nurtures its staff.”

“Quartz is a thriving environment. The company is experiencing significant growth and staff members are very well supported and looked after.”

“It’s a friendly and productive environment. People work hard and are very supportive of one another.”


“Quartz has a family-oriented feel, but with high ambitions for the future. We haven’t lost the culture of how it was when I started but we have grown significantly!”

“All ideas are listened to, no matter your job role or seniority – all staff are approachable.”

“Quartz is somewhere where innovation is encouraged, if you have the ideas, you will be given a chance to shine.”

“Opportunity to progress is widely available and it is encouraged by management, so you never feel like you’re plateauing.”

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