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Oils & Fats International is the leading international magazine for the oils and fats industry and is published eight times a year. Each issue has dedicated news pages on market developments, biotechnology, biofuels, renewable materials and transport/logistics.

The magazine also features statistics, regular market reports and in-depth features. Each issue has a total worldwide print circulation of 6,500. Our digital edition reaches over 59,000 recipients.


OFI Editor Serena Lim, regularly hosts webinars and brings together a host of guest speakers covering topics such as the impact of COVID-19 on global oils and fats supply, demand and prices; and current and future challenges in the production processes in the oils and fats, oleochemical and biodiesel industries. View a list of upcoming webinars here.

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Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing (SIM) - The essential event for heavy industrial manufacturing.

Bringing FIVE hard to abate sectors (Chemicals, Steel, Cement, Glass and Aluminium) together. The event will support and ease the global transition for cleaner manufacturing.

SIM Series comprises of four events in each unique locations. Opening at Belgium (9-10 March), this is a event you do not want to miss.


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